Etnovyr 2012

Even poetry could not stop "Etnovyr"!

August 22-26, Rynok Square

The final day of the V International Folklore Festival in Lviv "Etnovyr" gathered real full house at Rynok Square. On the 26th of August final march-parade and gala-concert were attended by more than 20 thousand visitors.

Jubilee Festival "Etnovyr" scored the highest number of viewers. Festival day started with groups’ march-parade through central streets, which was accompanied by a large number of citizens and city visitors. Bright parade ended at the main stage of the festival at Rynok Square, where team members were celebrated with awards of the largest folk Ukraine festival "Etnovyr".

Gala-concert, that brought together, without exaggeration, a full house at Rynok Square, was stopped with downpour that suddenly gathered over Lviv. But even it could not disrupt the final part of the concert! For less than half an hour the element had subsided and the audience assembled in minutes, because not all countries presented their brightest dances at the stage.

Traditionally, the festival closing performance was held with Ukrainian Arcane - Turkey, Spain, Azerbaijan, Poland, Belarus and Ukraine united in one common dance on the occasion of closing of the V International Folklore Festival "Etnovyr". Within 5 days of the festival team members of all countries learned this dance to perform it for an audience of "Etnovyr".

In all 5-day festival was attended by 75 thousand visitors.

Applications from groups for participation in the largest Ukraine folk festival have already come, and thus the preparation for the VI International Festival of Folklore "Etnovyr- 2013" began.

"Whole world to Lviv!"
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