NGO "Etnovyr"

NGO "Etnovyr" was founded on the 27-th of August in 2008. Its activity started with the same named  international folklore festival in Lviv. NGO became a full member of CIOFF (International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts) in 2008, and a member of IOV (International Organization of Folk Art) in 2010. The NGO is the only organization in Ukraine that is a member of IOV. Both CIOFF and IOV operate under the patronage of UNESCO.
     Since its foundation organization has realized a lot of programs and projects, art and cultural events.

-  NGO "Etnovyr"has organized three times ethnic festival "Kraina mriy" ("Country of dreams"), the initiator and co-organizer of which was Oleg Skrypka.

- This year NGO "Etnovyr" will hold the International Folklore Festival “Etnovyr” for the sixth time.

- NGO "Etnovyr" is the founder and organizer of  International Tourism Forum "Win with the Lion!" Due to the active work of NGO "Etnovyr" Lviv became in 2010 the only city among ukrainian cities that is a member of the International Tourist  Association «European Cities Marketing».

- For the first time in Ukraine NGO "Etnovyr" hold patrioric festival “Lenta za Lentoyu” ("Ribbon by Ribbon"). The festival aim is to rise the patriotic consciousness, first of all, among the younger generation as well as preservation the values ​​and the memory of the glorious history of Galicia.

- One of the newest NGO’s projects is the Festival of Easter Eggs. During the Easter Holidays Lviv turns into an open-air  "Museum of Easter Eggs" where Easter eggs with different materials (with branches, flowers, balloons, chocolate, foam, etc.) are created and decorated .

One more achievement of NGO "Etnovyr" is the spirit regeneration of such a cultural phenomenon of Lviv city culture of the early twentieth as batyarstvo. By the efforts of NGO  V Batyar’s Day was held.

The main activities of the NGO "Etnovyr"
-    The protection and promotion of cultural heritage of Ukraine
-    Development of niche tourism in Lviv and in whole Ukraine
-    Formation of a common tourist image, including to the football championship Euro-2012
-    Creating a positive image of Ukraine as a tourist country and the intensification, promotion of national tourist product both in domestic and international tourism market
-    Improvement and maximum use of  Lviv tourist potential
-    Increasing the state's image on the international level
-    Acquaintance with culture of other nations
-     Protection of environment and natural heritage of Ukraine

Team of NGO "Etnovyr" does not stop on achieved results and  is going to hold even greater cultural events and social projects  in the future. We are always open for cooperation, so send your suggestions on e-mail
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