We invite you to plunge into the maelstrom
of turbulent rhythms of folk dance

worldwide 23-26 August 2018!

Festival "Etnovyr" explodes with bright colors annually and is the main event of the celebrations of Ukraine Independence Day in Lviv. Colorful performances of foreign ensembles, spectacular march parades of participants through the central part of Lviv, national cuisine presentations, evenings of friendship, dance and sing workshops create special authentic and friendly atmosphere during the Festival.

The best folk groups from Ukraine, Mexico, Martinique, Israel, Macedonia, Portugal, France, Italy, the Basque country, the Republic of Burundi, Czech Republic, Poland, India and Spain have presented their rich traditional culture with music, dance, games, rituals, customs, handicraft, local cuisine.

We invite all folklore groups to participate in Festival in order to preserve tradition, cultural heritage and rich folklore dances of the countries participating and, therefore, to promote cultural interchange between all those countries.

International Folklore Festival "Etnovyr" takes place under the auspices of International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Traditional Arts (CIOFF®) and International Organization of Folk Art (IOV) under UNESCO patronage. The Festival is organized by NGO "Etnovyr" in partnership with Lviv City Council.

"Whole world to Lviv!"
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